About Us

Tabriz Hang Co. launched its activity under the aegis of Mr. Hassan Kasbkar – the founder of the Company – in 1969. In 1986, the Company expanded its activity and Department of Sorting & Producing Products is one of the major sections of the Company.
With ever-increasing expansion of the trade worldwide, the Company in 1997, so as to step in line with these global changes and easier, quicker access to the Global markets and to realize the intended goals and develop state economy within its ability by laying the stress on exports, set up its first branch in Tehran under management of Mr. Morteza Kasbkar, and its major target markets are located in the Middle Asian countries; and succeeded, under God’s auspices and the unfailing efforts made by the indefatigable personnel in Tehran and Tabriz, especially those of the respectable manager, in penetrating the markets of the Asian countries.
In 2003, for further achieving of its goals and, despite too many problems and hardships, set penetrating the markets of the European countries its goal, and selected the trademark “Tabriz Hang” for itself.
Now, after 40 years of practical experience in producing and exporting sheep and Beef Casing and having passed many ups and downs, the Company, as an entrepreneur, employing well versed and Experienced Personnel, advanced equipment, possessing top Technical information, exclusive production units, and Well-equipped Cold Storages, is able to export products to Europe even under critical circumstances and in spite of livestock diseases.

تبریز هنگ