By employing the experienced personnel, advanced equipment, and drawing on 40 years of experience, the top technical information, exclusive production units, well-equipped cold storages, and so on, Tabriz Hang Co., as an entrepreneur, removes veterinary, transportation, and customs obstacles and hindrances internationally, and can export products worldwide.

          Receiving global foodstuff standard

          Hygiene code 72033 from the European Union

          Standard shipping of casing by different airway, marine, road, and rail routes; opening letters of exchange and credit of any type by the accredited banks.

Tabriz Hang Co., by exporting products to over 10 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan…, along with raising quality, quantity, and variety in offering productions as requested by the buyers in terms of mode of sorting ad packing of exports, and ever-increasing penetration to the global markets, has set economic development of the country as its goal.

(Tabriz Hang Co. hopes, through help and support of state exports managers and in view of the fact that the revenues derived from exports are the only way of realizing the remarks of the Supreme Leader of Iran and closing the oil wells, to assist exporters in preventing rise in costs of producing raw material at home by increasing the subsidies, export rewards, allocating the raw material in an optimum way…