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Opening Stage:

In this stage, every set comprising 100 or 50 casing consisting of 10 smaller packs, containing 5 or 10 casing, are opened, water passage obstacles and probable knots are removed, and prepared for sorting in a bunch-like form.

Sorting Stage:

Skillful sorters of the Company classify the casing in terms of caliber in sheep part from 16 to 28 mm. and in cattle part from 37 to 50mm. in 3 qualitative parts, and each caliber is then transferred in a special dish.

Quality Control:

Each caliber and grade is examined by the relevant chief laborer for 10% and in case of fault, it will be referred to the relevant sorter. Otherwise, it will be transferred to the next stage.

Metering Stage:

At this stage, each caliber will be packed by the wood meter in 91m. or 100 yards  in from of a hank. Likewise, in stage of special color ring, each caliber which is arbitrarily or internationally dyed will be packed in casing and transferred to the next stage.

Salting Stage:

In this stage, the hanks produced will be salted for preventing them from decaying and packed in 10-item boxes. Afterward, ready hanks are transferred to the Company’s well-equipped cold storages.

Preservation & Exports Stage:

Ready hanks arte preserved in cold storages and in plastic kegs under 2-4 degrees Celsius before export, and will be transported by trucks with fridges or by planes in due time.